Speed bump sign

It is reported that studies now show that speed bumps result in increased levels of pollution as vehicles change sped to negotiate them.

The sleeping policemen we know are,
Not really very popular;
They lie there in the city street,
And can, some say, look pretty neat,
As they lie silently in wait,
For some poor driver running late.

He rounds the corner then, Oh dear!
He quite forgot the thing was here,
His face becomes a worried frown,
As he tries quickly to slow down.

He jabs his foot then on the brakes,
A quick hard press is all it takes;
He has avoided any pain,
And now he can speed up again.

The engine, though, is quite annoyed,
It had been trying to avoid,
A sudden change like it’s just had,
Which overall can be quite bad.

The engine likes an even pace,
Which helps it operate with grace,
And otherwise it gets the huff,
And sticks pollutants up the chuff.

There’s sooty bits and NO2,
Monoxide which can burn bright blue,
And also, though it doesn’t smell,
The dreaded CO2 as well.

The Government is now concerned,
That these pollutants, some unburned,
Are making life unpleasant for,
The city dwellers, maybe more.

So speed humps might quite soon be banned,
In towns and cities through the land,
So all car engines may then clap,
And stop emitting so much crap!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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