Knee joint

It is reported that a manufacturer of artificial hip joints may have been aware of problems with its metal on metal joints but continued to supply them.

If you are old and have joint pain,
There’s a solution in the main,
And one which will not disappoint,
For you can get a robot joint.

These robot joints are very good,
They get you walking as you should,
And mostly there is little doubt,
The joint will likely see you out.

Most joints are metal, plastic too,
And are designed to one imbue,
With the ability to walk,
’Cos they can handle force and torque.

But some may say that plastic’s cheap,
And if you want to jump or leap,
With outcomes that don’t disappoint,
Then you should have a metal joint.

But it has been known from of old,
That metal joints both hot and cold,
Need lubrication – there’s the rub –
Which of the problem is the nub.

So joints of only metal made,
Have a tendency to abrade,
And then you really can’t walk far –
Maybe just to the closest bar.

So cheer up ’cos it’s not all bad,
Depending on what type you’ve had,
If it’s painful and you fall down,
At least you can your sorrows drown!

Image – Wikipedia

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