It is reported that the steam engine Tornado has completed a secret overnight high speed test run on the East Coast main line and achieved a speed of 100 mph.

Now years back in the age of steam,
It was for most a childhood dream,
To travel at a hundred plus,
By train, for certain not by bus.

The Mallard set the record then,
With coal stoked by two firemen,
And its record of one two six,
Has since left trainspotters transfixed.

And many other engines then,
Ran at speeds round about one ten,
But all of this came to an end,
Some fifty years back when the trend,
Was to exit the age of steam,
And change to fuel that was more clean.

So diesels came, electrics new,
Faster but less exciting too,
And speeds did then creep up the scale –
The fastest now would turn you pale!

But last night on the East Coast line,
A steam train we’ve seen lots of times,
In secret had a special run,
To see if it could do a ton.

For steam today that’s quite an ask,
But it was equal to the task,
And as it sped through Yorkshire then,
It did one hundred once again.

So I expect we’ll see it more,
As always it will be a draw,
And as we watch it will just seem,
That we’re back in the age of steam.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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