North Korea Parade

It is reported that North Korea has put on a big military parade and may conduct a nuclear missile test today on the 105th anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s birth who, despite being dead, is still the official president of North Korea. It is not known how the other man with funny hair might react.

“Hello, now is that Mr Kim?
I need to warn you things are grim,
And very soon it might get worse,
So better go and book that hearse.

I know you are up to no good,
You haven’t done the things you should,
You’ve been parading all that stuff,
But really it is all just bluff.

For much of what you show is fake,
And you will make a big mistake,
If you try to attack our land,
Because for that I will not stand.

To try that now would seal your fate,
Because your bombs are out of date,
And as you launch round after round,
Then we will simply shoot them down.

The other thing I have to say –
I noticed just the other day –
Is that you are extremely fat,
And should be careful about that.

Your doctor may be scared to say,
But you ought not to be that way,
And though it is none of my biz.,
I like to tell is as it is.

So my advice is do take care,
With missiles coming through the air,
They might just land behind your back,
And could give you a heart attack!”
Image – semutijo.com

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