ER . . . BANG!


It is reported that on the day after its big military parade in Pyongyang the North Korean Government carried out a missile test but unfortunately the missile exploded a few seconds after launch. See yesterday’s blog for more background.

“I had a phone call yesterday,
From that rude Yank quite far away,
You know the one, he speaks in rhyme,
And does his hair a bit like mine.

He didn’t ask where we were at,
Just told me I was far too fat,
His reputation is he’s crude,
But this time he was downright rude!

So I decided late last night,
That we would give the dude a fright,
And launch a missile – just a test –
Which ought to leave him well impressed.

It’s now complete, I’m pleased to say,
It took place earlier today,
It fired all right, went past Pyongyang,
And then we all heard it go ‘Bang!’

So all in all that’s pretty good,
It blew up as of course it should,
And that will teach him, stupid dude,
He shouldn’t be so bloody rude!”

“But Leader Dear, you ought to know,
The missile test was good to go,
And strictly speaking I must stress,
The whole thing was a great success.

One detail though makes me concerned,
For as the rocket engines burned,
The warhead did blow up all right,
But at the wrong end of its flight!”

Image – Markus Szyszkowitz, / Wikimedia commons

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