Hacking password

It is reported that North Korea’s missile test yesterday may have failed because it was hacked by the Americans. Foreign journalists (hacks!) were told to expect a ‘big and important event’ but we’re eventually taken to a flower show.

So give three cheers for Mr Kim,
I am indebted much to him,
For on three consecutive days,
I’ve done my blog on things he says.

So first we had the big parade,
The Day of Sun, not one of shade,
And then he tried and tried his best,
But sadly failed the missile test.

And finally, now it’s day three,
There’s speculation it might be,
That this missile they call Nodong,
Was hacked and that’s why it went wrong.

Most likely we will never know,
If hacking caused the fatal blow,
But whether ’twas or not a hack,
It caused a sudden change of tack.

For with The Press there in full strength,
Kim had to go to any length,
To keep them from the missile site,
And give them something else to write.

So what to do? He thought quite quick,
He had the answer in a tick.
So all the journalists around,
Most in the special press compound,
We’re told that they would all now go,
To write about a flower show.

The flower show was very nice,
Some might have liked to see it twice,
But really this was being used,
To try to make us all confused.

But we’re not fooled, I think that’s clear,
About events in North Korea,
And if his nukes will not go right,
Then he should stick to dynamite!

Image – Flickr / Christoph Scholz

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