Erdoğan 1

It is reported that the Turkish President has narrowly won a referendum giving him sweeping powers and the opposition parties have complained of electoral fraud and that the President is now effectively a dictator.

The Turkish President’s a man,
Called Recep Tayyip Erdogan;
He’s had this job some little while,
And does it with distinctive style.

The President is pretty tough,
But thinks he hasn’t got enough,
Authority to Turkey run,
And so he has just held and won,
A referendum which gives he,
The absolute authority,
Over – and this was his intent –
The whole of Turkish government.

But some say that the vote was fixed,
Was very close in some districts,
And since some fraud was maybe done,
Perhaps he hasn’t really won.

The other thing they say is that,
He can now rule by his fiat,
And everyone now knows the score –
That he is now a dictator.

But Erdogan says, “Do not fret.
I haven’t started ruling yet.
And when I do things will be fine,
As long as people toe the line.

So keep your heads down and plough on,
For Turkey’s woes will soon be gone,
The country will now stay afloat,
But don’t you dare to rock the boat!”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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