Polling Station

It is reported that the Prime Minister has announced that a general election will take place on 8 June 2017.

Now when I went to bed last night,
I didn’t know what I would write,
In my blog which I do each day,
So have to think of things to say.

We’ve heard enough of Kim Jong Un,
Have had a piece with Erdogan,
And Brexit which gives some the hump,
Has been eclipsed by Donald Trump.

But now three cheers for Mrs May,
Because she has now saved the day,
With her announcement there will be,
An election so all of we,
Can vote whatever out intent,
To get a stable government.

She said she’d been upset to learn,
That opposition parties yearn,
To obstruct Brexit every day,
And try to make it go away.

Such bad behaviour could not stand,
When people all across the land,
Wanted strong leadership so they,
Could all be pulling the same way.
And this is how, when things get real,
There’ll be a better Brexit deal.

The opposition parties said,
They’re full of happiness, not dread,
But really they all take a stance,
Which doesn’t give them that much chance.

They’ll doubtless put on faces brave,
Pretending things are not so grave,
But in the end despite the spin,
It’s likely Mrs May will win.

Image – Flickr

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