Turkey roast

It is reported that MPs have approved the early general election requested by the Prime Minister and that almost everyone from the opposition parties voted in favour even though they are likely to do very badly in the election.

So Mrs May said yesterday,
An election but not in May;
Instead it would be held in June,
Which some think cannot come too soon.

It’s widely thought that Labour will,
Be forced to take a bitter pill,
As it may find expressed in rhyme,
An outcome far worse than last time.

The Lib Dems also might just learn,
The numbers that they can return,
Into The Commons might just be,
Worse than last time’s near three times three.

The SNP though always bleats,
That they will win the Scottish seats;
Last time they nearly won them all,
So total numbers might now fall.

You might have thought with these poor odds,
The mentioned opposition sods,
Would vote against election now,
And hope things might improve somehow,
Before the full five years is gone,
When they might have a better one.

But no, they all have voted ‘Yes’,
When Mrs May in Sunday dress,
Presented the Bill she had wrote,
On which The Speaker called a vote.

For many this will seal their fate,
In Parliament at any rate,
And they will seem – do please take note –
Like turkeys who for Christmas vote!

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