Yvette Cooper 1

It is reported that Yvette Cooper has been sounding out MPs about supporting her in a leadership challenge if Jeremy Corbin loses the general election and that her husband, Ed Balls is considering returning to politics after his success last year in Strictly Come Dancing.

Yvette Cooper, you know the name,
She’s Mrs Balls, the very same,
And she might well be close to tears,
As Mrs May’s election nears.

For like a lot of Labour folk,
Who think that Corbyn is a joke,
She knows that Labour cannot win,
And must just take it on the chin.

She’s therefore sounding out her friends,
So after the election ends,
She will immediately know,
If she’s enough support to go,
And against Corbyn launch a sting,
Throwing her hat into the ring.

And one she will talk to at length,
Because he’ll be a tower of strength,
Is her own husband, Mr Balls,
Who’s just avoided trips and falls,
Last year dancing on SCD,
Which you must have seen on TV.

So her mind now will be elsewhere,
She might look like she doesn’t care,
But if she wants to do her worst,
She’ll have to win her own seat first!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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