It is reported that Nicola Sturgeon has threatened to construct an alliance with Labour and the Lib Dems to defeat the Conservatives in government but both Labour and the Lib Dems seem to be saying ‘No’.

Miss Sturgeon can be such a bind,
She really has a one-track mind,
And everything that comes to pass,
Is seen by this ‘Glaswegian’ lass,
As a new source of earaches,
In Scotland’s independence stakes.

So when the PM said that soon –
In fact it’s on the eighth of June –
There would be an election vote,
She very rapidly took note,
And within less than one full day,
She’d thought of something new to say.

She had, she said, now done the maths,
And there were just not any paths,
For Corbyn’s Labour lot to win,
No matter how they try to spin.

In that case she could help them out,
Which would avoid a complete rout,
Then forward from election day,
In charge might not be Mrs May.

Her grand plan she began to say,
Was to gang up on Mrs May,
So every time there was a vote,
She could be sure to rock the boat.

But questioned by the BBC,
She suddenly back-tracked on the
Proposal which had been, she said,
A mere thought in somebody’s head.

Perhaps she overstepped the mark,
Revealing her intentions dark,
And other plots that are so dire,
She worried that it might backfire.

But what she said, although not wise,
Should really come as no surprise,
For her approach, it is now plain,
Is to become a real pain,
In the English backside and so,
We will all want the Scots to go.

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