Fosters lager

It is reported that the requirements for obtaining Australian citizenship are being toughened.

Now, Cobber, if you want to be,
A proper Aussie just like me,
I am afraid you’ll have to do,
The test that’s now in front of you.

So let us see where best to start,
You know that ‘sheila’ is a tart;
That is the first answer and so,
What’s that thing we call a drongo?

If you don’t know you might be one,
Your application now undone,
So rack your brains, do not digress,
And if you don’t know have a guess.

Then next we have a spelling test,
To check if you’re above the rest,
’Cos we don’t want you if you’re thick,
Like any Harry, Tom or Dick.

Then finally we come to beer,
We drink a lot of it round here,
And if you get the colour right,
You’ll be an Aussie by tonight!

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