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It is reported that in an interview with Andrew Marr, Jeremy Corbyn stated that he would never launch a nuclear strike and had always been against nuclear weapons.

I watched Corbyn with Andrew Marr,
And thought that he had come quite far;
He’s tidied up his beard and hair,
And as for choosing clothes to wear,
The brown and scruffy look was gone,
And he had got a smart suit on.

His clothes seemed really of the best,
So far, so good, the fashion test,
But then he blew it all away,
In the first question of the day,
When he said, sort of, that he would,
Not press the button on the sub.

“Commanders,” he said, “should just wait,
’Til orders reached them from the state,
Though I suppose if there were none,
It likely means the country’s gone.

Unfortunate though that would be,
At lease we’d have been nuclear-free,
And we could hold our heads up high,
For twenty seconds ’til we die.

And also we must not offend,
That nice man Putin who’s my friend;
His critics really all should cease,
For he might be a man of peace.”

These things were meant, not said in jest,
Of answers they were not the best,
But Jeremy, who doesn’t shave,
Thinks this is how PMs behave.

With that belief he’s on his own,
Unless there’s possibly a clone;
So let your watchword be ‘Take care’,
If you would vote for Labour there,
It better to be safe than dead,
So when you vote please use your head!

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