It is reported that scientists have discovered that a tiny waxworm caterpillar which normally eats beeswax in hives also eats plastic bags. Here’s what the caterpillars have to say:

“We caterpillars are unloved,
Folk do not like us as they should,
We used to keep ourselves discreet,
While searching out for things to eat.

At one time there was lots of food,
Comprising plastic bags disused,
But with charges that now apply,
These bags are all in short supply.

For Government has put a charge,
On all these bags but mainly large,
And now their policy’s complete,
We cannot find enough to eat.

Researchers say they’ll help us find,
Where plastic bags of any kind,
Are buried, whether large or small,
So we can go and eat them all.

But on this point we’re none too sure,
’Cos some may be close to a sewer,
And these plus others in landfill,
Might possibly just make us ill.

But maybe better not to gripe,
For we have found blue plastic pipe,
Which carries water, so we think,
Quite handy when we want a drink.

We’ll start on this but then there’s more,
Which is of somewhat larger bore,
It’s yellow but for you, alas,
It’s carrying the nation’s gas.

So we will need to calculate,
Depending on our eating rate,
How much of this we can erode,
Before the whole thing might explode.

That would be bad, would cause a fuss,
Remember, though, it’s worse for us,
So though the Government might nag,
Do please still buy your plastic bag.”

Image – Pixabay

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