Marine Le Pen

It is reported that Marine Le Pen, having tried to drop her unpopular surname in the first round of the French presidential election, has given up leadership of the Front National ahead of the second round as the party is so unpopular with the voters.

“Nobody likes me,” says Le Pen,
“They vote me once but not again,
And all the losers, seldom bon,
Tell people to vote for Macron.

Last month I tried to change my name,
I kept Marine, it’s just the same,
But then I tried to ditch Le Pen –
Reminder of my dad again.

It only worked to some extent,
’Cos when folk to the voting went,
My name in full was there to see –
A pretty big calamity!

The people then say, ‘Sacre bleu!
We do not want to vote for her!’
So if he doesn’t drop a blob,
Macron is best of a bad job.

So I am giving up for now,
Leadership of Front National,
Which may help but not quite enough,
That baby-faced Macron to stuff.

But I’ve been thinking, never fear,
And I’ve another good idea;
It is in fact a little trick,
Which may catch out those who are thick,
For I will now my name translate,
Or roughly so at any rate.

The name in question is Le Pen,
Which if you ask the English men,
How they’d translate this into French,
They mostly first would their teeth clench,
And after looking round the room,
Would whisper, ‘I think it’s La Plume’.

Of course this answer is correct,
Though their attempted dialect,
Is really not to be admired,
And leaves something to be desired.

But anyway I do digress,
And from now on I want to stress,
That Macron soon will meet his doom,
Now he’s against Madame La Plume!”

Image – JÄNNICK Jérémy / Wikimedia commons

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