shopping trolley cartoon

It is reported that the AA has suggested that supermarkets and other organisations might sponsor our roads and motorways.

“Now greetings on your trip today,
Before you start we’d like to day,
That we’ll be staying at your side,
And happily will be your guide.

We’ve sponsored this, the road you’ll take,
Using your throttle, clutch and brake,
And our job is to ease your way,
As you go on your holiday.

So first the motorway you join,
There’s no need for a trolley coin,
And if your car quite different feels,
It’s ’cos it might have wonky wheels.

Once in the middle lane you may,
Just speed along with nought to pay,
And you can go for miles and miles,
Just like you’ve practised in our aisles.

If weather’s good just have a ball,
But should the snow begin to fall,
Just hurry past the sauce and dips,
And quickly on to salted crisps.

For as a snack these will be nice,
And they can also melt the ice,
So you will never skate or slip,
While going past the Instant Whip.

Without the salt it’s your worst fears,
And everything might end in tears,
For with roads slippery as spread,
It’s possible you’ll soon be dead.

Now soon will come the checkout lane,
Where you will have to use your brain,
To read the signs that you can see,
For you must in the left lane be.

So hold the wheel and turn a bit,
No! No! You will that lorry hit!
Slow down ’cos this is far too fast,
Or else this trip might be your last.

Phew! That was close I have to say,
You really shouldn’t drive that way,
It’s dangerous, it might you kill,
And you have not yet reached the till!”

Image – Pixabay /anr

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