It is reported that an Italian neuroscientist claims that he will soon be able to carry out head transplants.

There is a man, I dare to say,
Of whom I read just yesterday,
And he says research that he’s led,
Allows him to transplant your head.

It seems preposterous to me,
That someone who has ceased to be,
And should now be encased in lead,
Should qualify for a new head.

He would get a new lease of life,
I hope somebody asked the wife,
For she might other pleasures crave,
When husband’s buried in the grave.

The operation’s in two bits:
The first the donor body splits,
And then the newly severed head,
Is stitched in place with linen thread.

Like most things, though, this is not new,
And maybe credit should be due,
To Henry, King, and his two wives,
But his technique shortened their lives,
For though the first step was a hit,
He couldn’t do the second bit!

Image – anr

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