Burka umbrellas

It is reported that the German Government is considering a ban on the wearing of burkas by soldiers, judges and other public servants.

It seems the Germans rue the day,
About two years ago when they,
Said anyone from anywhere,
Could chose to go and settle there.

It looks as if they didn’t know,
That all the people who would go,
We’re from the Middle East so they,
Would wear their desert clothes by day.

By ‘desert clothes’ I mean the veils,
Of several types worn by females;
They should have been more circumspect,
For now the people all object.

So they propose a brand new law,
Designed to now correct this flaw,
Which says that soldiers, judges too,
Can’t wear them ’cos they’re paid by you.

For judges, though, there is a trick,
Which they’ve worked out ’cos they’re not thick,
And though it may seem an affront,
They put their wig on back to front.

For soldiers, though, the problem’s worse,
As you will soon read in this verse,
For if they have to go and fight,
In Arab dress at dead of night,
The best phrase might be ‘woe betide’,
’Cos they’ll look like the other side!

Image – Pixabay / anr

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