Policeman Lego

It is reported that Diane Abbott, the shadow Home Secretary, was all mixed up when she said in a radio interview that a Labour government would recruit an extra 10,000 policemen at an annual cost of £300,000 which works out at £30 per year each. Tremendous value!

It’s often the consensus view,
That any politicians who,
Get into government in haste,
Begin then to your money waste.

And generally people say,
About the PM Mrs May,
If she can’t watch the public purse,
The Labour party’s even worse.

So it was a surprise to me,
When interviewed on LBC,
Was Diane Abbott, Shadow Home,
But not perhaps a leptosome,
Announcing there’d be more police,
So that the crimewave might then cease.

She said there’d be ten thousand more,
And since the country was quite poor,
Their pay when they were on their rounds,
Would be somewhere round thirty pounds.

That is per year so some may scowl,
And also it might just fall foul,
Of Mr Corbyn’s recent gage,
Of ten pounds for the living wage.

The interviewer challenged this,
Suggesting something was amiss,
But Mrs Abbott was confused,
And left the rest of us bemused.

As journalists caught her outside,
She tried to stifle injured pride,
By claiming just like Donald Trump,
She really was not a mugwump,
And though she’d misspoken her words,
’Twas anybody’s fault but hers.

So voters now will have to choose,
Whether to blame or to excuse,
Miss Abbott who at any rate,
Should not get an office of state.

For if you cannot do the sum,
It may be better to keep schtum,
And hope by the end of the day,
The problem might have gone away.

And as for our friend PC Plod,
I really, truly hope to God,
That while he’s out there on the beat,
He will be paid enough to eat!

Image – Pixabay / anr

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