It is reported that the Duke of Edinburgh is to retire later this year at the age of 96.

The Duke of Edinburgh you know,
Is always out and on the go,
And everywhere that he is seen,
He walks two steps behind The Queen.

For seventy years he’s done this job,
And hardly ever dropped a blob,
Except some jokes that went awry,
And made the PC zealots cry.

He’s always calm, not in a tizz,
He always tells it like it is,
And if sometimes he seems intense,
That’s probably just common sense.

But now at ninety-five or higher,
He has decided to retire,
A generation after me,
’Cos I stopped work at sixty-three.

He has so well our country served,
So stopping now is well-deserved,
He’s done more than here I can tell,
And so we wish him very well.

And finally, today a joke,
At an event where he thus spoke:
When one guest who was dressed in brown,
Said, “Sorry you are stepping down.”
The Duke replied, holding his cup,
“It’s pretty hard now standing up!”

Image – Carfax2 / Wikimedia commons

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