It is reported that Ed Miliband filmed mowing the lawn of a constituent was a set up. The lady said she thought he was from the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Though Miliband’s been caught before,
He shows an appetite for more
Ingenious but silly pranks,
For which he seldom gets much thanks.

The first one was the bacon roll,
Which when he bit it was quite droll,
And later on his ‘Edstone’ was,
A source of merriment because,
Although his promises were brave,
It just looked too much like a grave.

And now he’s in the news again,
Mowing a lawn that was a pain,
For one of his constituents who,
Had to instruct him what to do.

“You set that knob and start the thing,
By pulling sharply on this string,
And when you’re ready then to mow,
You simply push it to and fro.

As you can see it cuts the lawn,
But better afternoon than morn,
’Cos early on the grass is wet,
Because it hasn’t dried out yet.

So I’ll leave you to carry on,
Although the TV camera’s gone,
And if you finish it today,
I’ll vote for you, not Mrs May.”

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