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It is reported that Mr and Mrs May were on BBC’s One Show yesterday and they talked to Alex Jones and Matt Baker about domestic matters such as shoes and who puts the bins out.

“So nice to have you, Mrs May,
Is there something you’d like to say?
And also, Philip, I can tell,
That you have things to say as well.”

“So this is Philip, I depend,
On his support and do intend,
To give him every chance to speak,
And put the bins out every week.”

“That is indeed my favourite task,
And I know I don’t have to ask,
For though I’m at the PM’s side,
When I do it’s when I decide.

Our rubbish bins were rather few,
But now I do recycling too,
And this recycling is for me,
Special responsibility.

It’s what I always do the best,
Will come out first in any test,
It means our rubbish we’ll re-use,
More times than most of my wife’s shoes.”

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