Drunk sign

It is reported that a study has found that drinking does not change one’s personality, it just makes us talk louder.

Some people do sometimes get drunk,
And while they’re like a smelly skunk,
They claim that what they’ve drunk that day,
Does more than just change what they say,
And drinking more than two or three,
Can change their personality.

This has been studied at some length,
With drinks consumed of different strength,
And the conclusion they have found,
Is drinking much more than one round,
Does not have this effect at all,
But could contribute to a brawl.

It doesn’t change, researchers say,
The drinkers personalité,
But lager, beer and even stout,
Can make a normal person shout.

The drinker really stays unchanged,
So even if he seems deranged,
He shouts out what he wants to say,
Including whether he will pay.

So let your watchword be ‘Take care’,
When you are standing drinking there,
And if you’ve had a lot that day,
Do please try not to shout, just say.

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