Putin cartoon

It is reported that Donald Trump allegedly asked James Comey, Director of the FBI, to drop the investigation into alleged links between his associates and the Russians.

This story has been on the go,
A little while now as you know,
But I’ve not been sure what to say,
Because the facts change every day.

The Russian rumours are quite old,
But then just last week we were told,
That Comey of the FBI,
Was told ’twas time to say ‘Goodbye’.

With reasons I will not you bore,
You’ve likely heard them all before,
And anyway, the reasons picked,
Seem to each other contradict.

Trump makes a statement of intent,
His gofers then try to invent,
Some rationale that sounds OK,
And then compose some words to say.

So far so good but not for long,
For very soon it all goes wrong,
As Donald on his Twitter feed,
Contradicts it all at breakneck speed.

And if that wasn’t bad enough,
There’s still more to this Russian stuff,
And it seems likely more will leak,
More frequently than once a week.

So I will soon have more to say,
It will make sense, I hope and pray,
But maybe that’s an order tall,
With Donald Trump behind it all.

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