Donald Duck Figurine Detail

It is reported that as more Russian revelations emerge, Donald Trump is angry and frustrated about his continual bad press and is blaming his White House staff who fear they will be made scapegoats.

Now Donald’s had a dreadful week,
Bad headlines with leak after leak,
The latest of which seems to be,
Concerning Russia and that he,
Or his men had engaged in crimes,
Emailing Russians eighteen times.

Of course all this will be denied,
And scorn poured on the ones who spied,
But if the Trumps indeed did sin,
The net may soon be closing in.

Trump says the answer’s ‘No’ not ‘Yes’,
That this is simply all bad press,
And it’s his staff that are to blame,
Because they’re no good at their game.

So staff expect more heads will roll,
US, Hispanic, even Pole,
As Donald goes for counterclaim,
And looks for someone else to blame.

Then when the mud* should hit the fan,
And go which every way it can,
He will not stand to have a look –
Instead the President will Duck.

But Donald who Tweets, ‘SO UNFAIR!’,
While trying to look debonair,
Should not assume we are all thick,
’Cos in the end the mud will stick.

Although if he on every day,
Chose carefully the words to say,
He might, just might, avoid the muck –
And we could call him Donald Duck!

* An alternative spelling is available

Image – Tony Takitani / Flickr

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