It is reported that Theresa May wants people who receive an honour but then fail to live up to the high standards expected should be stripped of their title or award.

If you engage in public life,
Just on your own or with the wife,
And you are generous with your time,
(Doing much more than writing rhyme)
And if you achieve lots and more,
Then an award might be in store.

Perhaps a knighthood – Sir you’ll be –
Or how about an OBE?
Or if you’re achievements are clear,
You might be called to be a peer.

With most people this works OK,
For with the rules they are au fait,
But in time some seem not to know,
That everywhere that they might go,
They should live up to standards high,
And one or two don’t even try.

The reasons can be quite diverse,
As I could tell you now in verse;
They may have had a life of crime,
Resulting in them doing time.

Or then again some folk might lead,
A life of quite outstanding greed,
Enriching selves at the expense,
Of others who have no defence.

They might, perhaps, buy several boats,
With money made from selling coats,
While their employees have to fight,
To get their accrued pensions right.

Theresa May says, “This won’t do!
Those suffering are not so few,
And people who behave just wrong,
Should really ought to lose their gong.

So anyone who this way lives,
Like fraudsters, criminals or spivs,
Will find they will their honour lack,
Because they’ll have to hand it back.”

So let your watchword be ‘Watch out’,
If you plan to these standards flout,
It’s better to be right than wrong,
And that way you can keep your gong.

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