Traffic jam

It is reported that a record number of cars are expected to be on the roads over the bank holiday weekend.

Bank holidays are here again,
Those long and lazy weekends when,
The British people stay away,
From work for just one extra day.

Some people stay at home en masse,
They clean the car or cut the grass,
But others don’t, I have to say,
They pack their bags and go away.

At least ‘away’ is their intent,
But much of ‘going’ will be spent,
Deciding which route they should use,
Or standing in the airport queues.

Nevertheless when they arrive,
The family must hope and strive,
To all enjoy the time left now,
And not to get into a row.

For stressful journeys in the heat,
Can sometimes be less than a treat,
And some people will always moan,
Until it’s time to go back home.

So let your watchword be, ‘Take care’,
When you set off by road or air,
It’s better if not much is said,
Or you could stay at home instead!

Image – Ted Kerwin / Flickr

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