Cleaner cartoon

It is reported that a school in Tooting cannot afford a cleaner and so the children are helping to do the cleaning after school.

“Now welcome to ‘Time After School’,
We haven’t done this as a rule,
But now we’ve no more Mrs Jones,
About this I will make no bones,
Just like the dwarfs that dig and delve,
We’ll have to clean the place ourselves.

It isn’t hard, will soon be done,
And though it’s not exactly fun,
When you get started you will find,
It isn’t that much of a grind.

We’ll wipe the tables, mop the floor,
Shine-up the handle on the door,
Stack all the chairs quite straight and neat,
And that’s the first bit all complete.

Next there’s the playground to be swept –
Don’t dare pretend to be inept –
We’ll just do sections I will mark,
So you’re all done before it’s dark.

And finally, there is the loo,
Which smells as if it’s overdue,
Most likely ’cos of your poor aim,
But it needs cleaning just the same.

So out with cleaners, soap and bleach,
Things normally kept out of reach,
And which, I hope you’ll comprehend,
Are just for cleaning round the bend.”

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