Frying pan

It is reported that a professor of genetics at University College London is claiming that human beings could only survive for a maximum of six months if they ate no cooked food.

To cook or not, that is the Q,
And it seems to depend if you,
Want to be healthy, strong and tall,
Or maybe to be here at all.

Some people – actresses and such –
Have said it matters very much,
And therefore as a general rule,
You should always eat food that’s cool.

By ‘cool’ I mean there’s been no cook,
And neither an instruction book,
For grating up a carrot will,
Not really need all that much skill.

But now a prof says that’s enough,
You shouldn’t eat all this raw stuff;
We’ve eaten cooked so many times,
That we don’t now have the enzymes,
And though some think it’s for the best,
Raw food we simply can’t digest.

If we persist, the prof goes on,
The human race will soon be gone,
Because raw food will only give,
The average man six months to live.

So let your watchword be ‘Take care’,
With menus now up in the air,
You don’t want premature decease,
So better fry it all in grease!

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