Gin Gordons

It is reported that the government now gets more tax from spirits than from beer.

There’s an election on this week,
And politicians often speak,
With campaigning reaching climax,
About who should pay most in tax.

But now we learn just yesterday,
That people drinking gin now pay,
More in tax than those drinking ale,
Which Tories say’s beyond the pale.

But Labour thinks it’s quite all right,
That when folk go out late at night,
The tax burden – a techie phrase –
Falls most on those with cash to pay.

They say that this makes it all fair,
For those who have most cash to spare,
Will be the ones to pay the most,
Of this unpopular impost.

But in the end the tax is paid,
On everything bar lemonade,
So once we’ve queued to buy a round,
Our sorrows can at least be drowned.

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