It is reported that alcoholic ice lollipops have suddenly become very popular and some supermarkets have been running out of supplies but the police are worried about drink drive issues as some of them are rather strong.

If you’d like something rather nice,
Then try an alcoholic ice,
They’re not for kiddywinks you see,
But grown-ups more like you and me.

This craze now sweeping through the land,
Is not so hard to understand,
Because with these if you persist,
You’ll very likely end up … drunk.

That’s more than just a state of mind,
For drunks soon find that any kind,
Of thing is really hard to do,
And talking’s pretty awkward too.

And also as we’ve learned from bars,
This does apply to driving cars,
So listen now to police advice,
And don’t drive with this kind of ice.

So when you’re shopping do take care,
If you see these things on sale there,
Don’t take too many off the shelf,
Or you might end up drunk yourself!

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