Royal Ascot

It is reported that the dress code at Royal Ascot has been relaxed so that gentlemen need not wear jackets in the current heatwave.

So Royal Ascot comes and goes,
And everybody going knows,
That etiquette requires that they,
Dress in top hats and suits of grey.

No other dress in entertained,
Though if it is or has just rained,
An umbrella which is plain,
May be held to divert the rain.

But this year of rain was there none,
In fact instead the sun just shone,
And with the hot wind and some more,
The mercury began to soar.

It rose to more than thirty-three,
At which point there was a decree,
That jackets could now be removed,
For in the past it has been proved,
That if ones temp should get too high,
It might affect the date you die.

So after this it’s my belief,
Most men would now sigh with relief,
And many would their jackets doff,
Before it is announced, ‘They’re off!’

But what of ladies? Wouldn’t they,
Like also to wear less today?
Well their dress code is not so clear,
But if some overheat they fear,
They can perhaps wear a bit less,
As long as they do not undress.

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