Kilt Moffat-Tartan

It is reported that boys at Exeter Academy went to school in skirts on account of the exceptionally hot weather.

In Exeter just like elsewhere,
The weather has been pretty fair,
In fact if I my words mince not,
It has been pretty bloody hot!

This prompted boys there at the school,
To ask to please relax the rule,
That says they can’t attend in shorts –
They wear them anyway for sports.

The headmaster said, “Sorry, no!
When it is time to school to go,
Your pants must come below the knees –
You cannot just do as you please.”

The students said, “Oh very well,
But wearing trousers is just hell;
If you want us to stay alert,
Each one of us will wear a skirt.”

Of course the school could not object,
And would have to be circumspect,
’Cos banning these at any rate,
Would be said to discriminate.

So all the boys arrived at school,
All feeling doubly rather cool,
Because the skirts which are first-rate,
Helped them to better ventilate.

The weather’s turned though now I fear,
And so you will not likely hear,
More stories written in this vein,
’Cos probably it’s set to rain!

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