It is reported that supermarkets are developing systems that change the prices of products from hour to hour through the day depending on how busy the shop is and other factors.

The prices supermarkets charge,
Are pretty stable by and large,
And though in time they will change, they
Don’t vary much from day to day.

Your shopping then can be a breeze,
The trolley filling up with ease,
Because the prices that you pay,
Are much the same as yesterday.

But now big changes are in store,
It’s something we’ve not seen before,
Because the prices quite soon will,
Be always changing at the till.

They’ll go up if the shop is full,
Be lower when there is a lull,
And if there’s no-one there at all,
You can expect the steepest fall.

I see a problem here, though slight,
For if you fail to expedite,
Your shopping trip and trolley fill,
You might discover prices will,
Have changed before you reach the till,
And you might have a nasty bill.

The answer, I think, is quite plain,
You go and scan the lot again,
And if you do it once or twice,
You might just get a better price.

But on the other hand it could,
Not do an awful lot of good,
Because if folk go round again,
It really would be pretty plain,
To the computers in the store,
That footfall has gone up some more,
And though it might make you irate,
The prices might well escalate.

So what to do? What’s the best plan?
Just go round faster if you can.
And if you still can’t get it right,
Try shopping at the dead of night!

Image – Jonathan Billinger / Wikimedia commons

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