Kin Jong Un

It is reported that representatives of the North Korean Government have been visiting Spain to learn how to set up a holiday resort.

“Now welcome to our new resort,
A stonesthrow from our new airport,
We hope you will be happy here,
And prices are not very dear.

You’ll find we’ve everything you need,
From sports and games to things to read;
The reading books you may have heard,
Contain our Leader’s every word.

They’re worth a read, in fact a must,
For as you might by now have sussed,
You have to read them every day,
Or else we will take you away.

Where you go then is not so nice,
You wouldn’t want to go there twice,
It’s quite remote and can be damp,
Just like a sixties’ Butlins camp.

But back to here, we’ve food and drink,
Including gin that’s very pink,
And with food we check every batch,
So you’ll not salmonella catch.

This generally works AOK,
But if it doesn’t then we may,
Send you off for some special care,
And give you first class treatment there.

You need not fret, it will be free,
And if it doesn’t work then we,
Will send you back from whence you came,
And ‘no hard feelings’ is our aim.

We’ve special tours – a labour camp –
We build a lot to help us clamp,
Down on those who say nasty things,
Which can mean almost anything.

So do take care before you speak,
No naughty words or blatant cheek,
And if you do you’ll have a ball,
And have no worries, none at all.

You’ll find it will be for the best,
Because you are our special guest,
And then you will have every day,
A bright and sunny holiday!”

Image – Wander /Flickr

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