It is reported that a Tyneside grocer has removed his SINGHSBURY’S sign over his shop replacing it with MORRISINGHS; Sainsbury’s objected while Morrisons didn’t.

A shopkeeper thought it was fine,
To trade beneath an orange sign,
Proclaiming then his name to be,
Ten letters spelling Singhsbury.

He thought it all looked rather nice,
Most people would look at it twice,
And at the risk of whiplash ache,
They’d mostly do a double take.

But nonetheless they’d go inside,
Buy eggs that might be boiled or fried,
And other groceries as well,
Depending what the shop might sell.

It all went well until one day,
A man called round from Sainsbury, J,
And said, “You cannot use that sign,
Because the copyright is mine.”

The grocer said, “Oh very well,
Most people think it’s rather swell.
But I’ll see how the shop till rings,
With my new sign of Morrisinghs.

I will ask their permission though,
Because I do not want to go,
And have another new sign made,
If under it I cannot trade.”

But Morrisons, when asked, said, “Fine,
You have our blessing with your sign.
We do not mind, it’s for the best,
And hope your clients are impressed.

We hope you’ll go from strength to strength,
Expanding through the breadth and length,
Of Britain and including where,
Sainsbury’s still have the biggest share.

And so today we wish you well,
Put up your sign, go out and sell,
And when you get increased demand,
Be sure you’re ready to expand.

And as for Sainsbury’s tough reply,
We are not sure exactly why,
They spoke those words straight from their mouth,
But then, of course, they’re from the south!

Image – Betty Longbottom / Wikimedia commons

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