Time Nixon

It is reported that Donald Trump has produced a fake cover of Time magazine with him on it.

What shall we do with Donald Trump?
He really is a dreadful chump,
About fake news he’s wont to moan,
And now we find he makes his own.

The latest thing that we have heard,
So blatant that it seems absurd,
Is a fake cover, not in rhyme,
Of that respected journal Time.

Trump’s in a presidential pose,
And talking, it seems, about those,
Apprentice shows on his TV,
And what a success they will be.

The cover has been framed and glazed,
And so that folk can be amazed,
He’s had it hung up on the wall,
In his resorts but not quite all.

When Time found out they went berserk,
And very quickly set to work,
To ask or maybe to insist,
That Donald Trump should now desist,
From using this fake cover page,
Which has now caused such an outrage.

The President then made things worse,
As you can read right here in verse,
By claiming he had graced the most,
Editions and this was his boast.

But Time checked and said, “This is nuts!
We know for sure, no ifs or buts,
That Nixon who’s not still alive,
Outnumbers Trump by factor five!”

Image – Cliff / Flickr

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