It is reported that the last two working burial grounds in Oxford are almost full; one will be completely full before the end of 2017 and the other by 2021 so if you are going to die and want to be buried better get on with it.

If you’re in Oxford do take care,
’Cos you don’t want to die while there;
You may think that is pretty plain,
So why should it be said again?

While dying might not be so nice –
You wouldn’t want to do it twice –
It might well be a whole lot worse,
If once they’ve put you in the hearse,
The driver knows not where to drive,
Now you’re no longer still alive.

The problem is Oxford has found,
They’ve run out of interment ground,
That’s cemeteries to me and you,
And they’re not quite sure what to do.

They’ve searched and searched but have found none,
Something was wrong with every one,
So when folk come encased in lead,
They plan to stack them up instead.

One answer would be to cremate,
The people who have met their fate,
But while this may be done unseen,
It isn’t really very green.

So they will have to look again,
So that to all they can explain,
It will be OK to expire,
In city of the dreaming spires.

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