Donald-trump 1

It is reported that two political chat show hosts have allegedly been told by the White House that if they apologise for their critical coverage of Donald Trump then he will prevent publication of a National Enquirer story about their alleged (and denied) affair.

It has allegedly been said,
That Donald Trump can see bright red,
If people criticise at all,
The things he does both large and small.

It is alleged his skin is thin,
Likes not to take it on the chin,
And like a child I think it’s meant,
He can be very petulant.

So sometimes he’ll try to fight back,
To try to stem continued flak,
And if he thinks that he can lean,
On journalists he thinks are mean,
Because, in fact, they all can read,
He gets them on his Twitter feed.

Right now we have a case in point,
Has put his nose right out of joint:
Two chat show hosts, Mika and Joe,
Have been told that if they both go,
Apologise for what they’ve said,
The President who’s not well-read,
Will stop a story that the pair,
Have been engaged in an affair.

Some say this is beyond the pale,
The man engaging in blackmail,
And what was Donald Trump’s reply?
The usual ‘it’s fake news’ cry!

Image – Gage Skidmore, Peoria, USA

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