Bottle neck

It is reported that continuing sun and dry whether in Spain is threatening the olive and grape harvests to the detriment or eaters and drinkers respectively.

It’s always sunny down in Spain,
But this year it has been a pain,
Because there’s not been any rain,
Not even mainly on the plain.

You need some rain to make things grow,
A fact it’s likely you will know,
’Cos over here we almost drown,
Because it’s always pouring down.

But back in Spain because they are,
The main olive farmers by far,
If this year you just can’t buy oil,
You will have to your stir-fry boil.

And if that wasn’t bad enough,
The weather’s really cut up rough,
In valleys where they grow the vines,
Which could deprive us all of wines.

Though Spanish wine is not the best,
We’re mostly keen to it digest,
And we will all be very sad,
If there is not much to be had.

So don’t delay and stock your shelves,
The bottles now come boxed in twelves,
If you’ve a gross or thereabout,
You can just sit the weather out!

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