It is reported that the All England Lawn Tennis Club (that’s Wimbledon to you and me) is reminding members that its strict dress code still applies irrespective of what MPs may be doing with their ties.

The MP’s recent dumbing down,
Is causing more than just a frown,
At Wimbledon as you may guess,
Where members must wear formal dress.

That means a shirt and tie and suit,
With formal socks and shoes to boot,
And members must say that they swear,
This formal clothing set to wear.

If not there’ll be a quiet word,
Designed to not be overheard,
But if the man will not comply,
He’ll be fixed with a beady eye,
With ejection as the intent,
Which might cause some embarrassment.

So if you’re going there do check,
That all your clothes are well in spec,
For if they’re not you may have to,
Pick litter like the Wombles do!

Image – Maria Sharapova / Justin Smith UK / Wikimedia commons

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