US Thaad Missile

It is reported that North Korea (DPRK) launched its first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) on US Independence Day.

Here in the old DPRK,
We know it’s Independence Day,
That’s not for us but the US,
And we might cause them some distress.

We fired off our ICBM,
It was this time not aimed at them,
But they can calculate like we,
That though it landed in the sea,
It’s powerful enough to reach,
The West Coast but not yet Palm Beach.

So at this time Trump need not care,
That we can nuke his club out there,
It’s really just a bit too far,
So he’ll be quite safe in the bar.

But very soon we will improve,
Then Donald Trump will have to move,
If he wants to stay out of range,
Of any future nuke exchange.

But now our leader, Kim Jong Un,
Who has these missiles just for fun,
Extends the hand of friendship to,
All others with a bad hairdo.

Of course Kim is the leading light,
But wonders if The Trump just might,
Join in now as his number two,
’Cos he has got the bad hair too.

This club’s exclusive that’s a fact,
And membership requires some tact,
But he has shown as has Kim III,
How tactful both of them can be.

They can make war, discuss all things,
Avoiding any crash landings,
But what would really be unfair,
Is mentioning the other’s hair!

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