It is reported that children are getting headlice as a result of crowding together to share pictures on their smartphones.

If you’ve a smartphone do beware,
About how you with your friends share,
Your pictures and so too your text,
Or else you’ll likely all be vexed.

You may not know what that word means,
Unless you’re older than your teens,
But basically it means annoyed,
And very nearly paranoid.

Head lice were a thing of the past,
Of them we thought we seen the last,
But as you gather round your phone,
The situation can be prone,
To help these lice jump head to head,
Which is annoying as I’ve said.

To solve the problem there’s an app,
Designed to cut through all the crap,
So if you’re wishing to converse,
As I’m explaining now in verse,
You really shouldn’t touch your head,
But ring the person up instead.

This way the lice just cannot spread,
And nobody will end up dead,
But I think if too long you take,
You might end up with earache.

Image – Image – Rick&Brenda Beerhorst / Flickr

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