Nasturtium salad

It is reported that it has become fashionable to eat flowers in a salad rather than just to look at them but there is concern that some are poisonous.

If you like salads every day,
Don’t too far from the lettuce stray,
It might be boring, scarce a treat,
But at least it is safe to eat.

Some people now and shops as well,
Are trying very hard to sell,
Flowers, not in a bunch or spray,
Or even a large wrapped bouquet,
But in a salad box for you,
To eat with lettuce that they grew.

There’s many types, all safe to eat,
But if you want a special treat,
You could look in your garden where,
Some flowers might be going spare.

But do be careful which you eat,
My list below is not complete,
And if on eating you should die,
I don’t want you to say that I,
Gave info you used as a guide,
And that, in fact, is why you died.

So dandelions? Eat the lot.
But foxgloves definitely not.
And when it comes to poppy seeds,
Which can grow tall just like the weeds
To eat them I would not advise,
In case they are illegal highs.

So let your watchword be take care,
When you have got a salad there;
It looks so nice you’ll want to tweet,
But is it really safe to eat?

Image –  Romel Sanchez / Flickr

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