It is reported that British holidaymakers in Spain have been falsely claiming to be suffering from food poisoning in order to claim payouts from hotels, restaurants and insurance companies.

We all like holidays in Spain,
The reason being there’s no rain,
But also people like the food,
About which we should not be rude.

We eat out at the tapas bars,
Restaurants, some with Michelin stars,
And Spanish dishes go down fine,
Washed down by super cheapo wine.

But some folk say they have been ill,
Might just have had to take a pill,
And ’gainst the restaurant they might claim,
Not feeling any guilt or shame.

These claims are generally fake,
Designed to simply money make,
But the hotels, restaurants and bars,
Are left with reputations scarred,
For if folk think they might fall ill,
They will not then the restaurants fill.

But now the bars are fighting back,
No longer will they take this flak,
And if you claim you have been ill,
You very soon might find they will,
Sue you so you end up in court,
For claiming much more than you ought.

So when you go to Spain take care,
And not just what you eat and where,
If you claim that you have been sick,
Make sure it’s true and not a trick.

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