It is reported that research has shown that drinking one cup of coffee can prolong your life by nine minutes if you are a man and by three minutes if you are a woman. However, if it induces poor sleep it may trigger the onset of Alzheimer’s disease so take your pick.

Research has shown that coffee can,
Prolong your life if you’re a man,
And also if you’re female too,
Though in that case it’s tough to do.

Just one cup – black, white or latte –
Will cause the Reaper to delay,
His unwelcome arrival time,
By minutes which will total nine.

But if you’re female – not so good.
For you a cup of coffee should,
Increase you life by minutes three,
Which does seem quite unfair to me.

But I’m afraid that’s how it is,
Short change for Miss, Ms or Mrs,
And if it leaves you feeling glum,
Perhaps the worst it yet to come.

For adding to our daily woes,
Some further research also shows,
That Alzheimer’s can be brought on,
Affecting the encephalon,
By lack of sleep when we’re in bed,
And that’s it then until we’re dead.

Now you will know just as do I,
Coffee does not induce shuteye;
It tends to keep us all awake,
And now we know a lot’s at stake.

So pay your money, take your pick,
Live longer or risk getting sick,
Or maybe you can get it right,
By drinking it but not at night!

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