It is reported that meeting took place in Trump Tower between a Russian lawyer and Donald Trump’s eldest son and son in law at which the Russians possibly providing damaging information on Hillary Clinton may have been discussed.

My headline here is pretty good,
I’ve saved it in case someone should,
Make progress with this Russian thing,
Which if it persists could well bring,
The President right to the brink,
And that’s what many people think.

His son has recently confirmed,
That he was happy when he learned,
That Russian sources could provide,
Bad things about the Clinton side,
During the presidential race,
Which might have been The Donald’s ace.

Then later on with others too,
Trump Junior went on to do,
A meeting in Trump Tower where,
His father Donald wasn’t there,
But though it seems he didn’t go,
He was there on the floor below.

You can make of this what you will,
Perhaps our Mr Trump was ill,
But he says he had no idea,
This meeting was so very near,
Or even that ’twas held at all,
As far as he can now recall.

So maybe this is the first chink,
To say there was a Russian link;
It’s likely there is more to know,
So this has got some way to go.

So watch for Revelation 2,
When I’ve more to disclose to you;
I hope to use it several times,
In later versions of these rhymes.

Image – Meghas / Wikimedia commons

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