It is reported that the Church of England has said that clergymen may wear casual and everyday clothes when conducting services.

A bishop wears a fancy hat,
And nothing really wrong with that,
It’s what you would expect at least,
For he is higher than a priest.

A vicar’s clothes are more subdued,
With thrift he’s likely been imbued;
He wears black cloaks and shirts that will,
Just minimise his cleaning bill.

Above the bishop is the Pope,
Who seems to have a bit more scope,
His outfits are in white and gold,
And quite amazing to behold.

But now, it seems, the rules will change,
To something people may think strange,
For clergymen and women too,
Can wear whatever they want to.

So out with black and gold and white,
For he who does the prayers recite,
Can dress in sombre clothes or gay,
Weekend or any other day.

The bishop’s mitre’s gone as well,
If it’s a bowler you can tell,
Or if it looks like total crap,
He’s likely got a baseball cap.

The Pope meanwhile must take advice,
To find an outfit rather nice;
He doesn’t want to seem unkempt,
But as a Catholic he’s exempt!

Image – Chevron Tango / Wikimedia commons

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