Cow Jersey

It is reported that Saudi Arabia has closed the border with Qatar which has now run out of milk and other things.

Qatar has now run out of milk,
And other products of that ilk,
For its neighbour the KSA,
Has closed the border every day.

For the Qataris this is bad,
It means no ice cream to be had,
And there’s no milk to put in tea,
Whether for one or two or three.

The Government, though, has a plan,
Which it will enact if it can;
It plans to get cows of its own,
So that its citizens won’t moan,
About a lack of cream and cheese,
Domestic, French or Portuguese.

So it has started from tonight,
Importing cows by way of flight,
From Europe in the north and east,
Where there are plenty of these beasts.

Once landed they’re shown to their farm,
Where they won’t come to any harm,
But if they thought that grass and trees,
Would flutter in a gentle breeze,
This lovely brand new bovine stock,
Is in for something of a shock.

For as they look around the place,
They notice that there’s not a trace,
Of grass upon which they might graze,
There in the searing desert haze.

This is unfortunate but still,
The vets will stop them falling ill;
They can in their own lingo moo,
And hopefully ignore the view.

So if you are a cow take care,
When you are moved about by air,
If you want fields that are not crap,
Then first you ought to check the map!

Image – egrego2 / Flickr

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