It is reported that after yesterday’s reported chaos in the White House, sackings are continuing, specifically the foul-mouthed Anthony Scaramucci after ten or eleven (who knows?) days as White House Communications Director, and the chaos is still ever present.

You read what I wrote yesterday,
Since then we’ve hardly moved a day,
And the foul-mouthed man from before,
Has now himself been shown the door.

It’s not clear if it’s ’cos he swore,
He probably did that before,
And anyway it is said that,
The President quite likes a spat,
Which keeps his people on their toes,
And probably exposes foes.

So when John Kelly came to be,
The Chief of Staff for Donald, he
Scaramucci no more desired,
And so the foul-mouthed one was fired.

The reason may be quite obscure,
And some are really quite unsure,
If it was for that foul-mouthed rant,
’Cos his obedience was scant,
Or ’cos by the eleventh day,
He was embroiled in such a way,
He really couldn’t give a toss,
And was more famous than his boss.

This last one was the greatest crime,
Described in prose and also rhyme,
For Donald – he’s the one in charge –
Has got an ego pretty large.


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